1 1/2 2 (Two Art)

1 1/2 2 (Two Art)
By: Pak Sheung Chuen

“Fragmentary” indicates something incomplete. But as a word, “fragmentary” is a word with a complete meaning without which you will not understand what it stands for. In fact, “half” can be a whole, as when it exists, you never think of its remaining half. The series of four pieces of work attempts to contemplate the relationship between incompleteness and the whole. On the one hand, I imagine the self-sufficiency of incompleteness; on the other, I imagine the ways to pursue the whole.

In fact, half is enough, and half is beautiful.

Associated Exhibition: http://halfiscomplete.blogspot.com/2009/01/exhibition-charming-experience.html

The series consists of four pieces of artwork on the four sides of a cube. Each of the works requires two people to work on and finish. Each of them plays as a half to complement one another.

About Half of the Imagination
Use One Eye to Look at a Half of You is the prologue in which two people stand on the two sides of a sculpture to look at one another; on a fixed position, one can only see half of “you”.

About Half of the Looking
I have collected a number of objects from friends which were very memorable to them and were broken into two parts. I show one object each time to two people and each of them can only look at one of the parts. Each person’s memory carries the corresponding half which can only be made complete by combining that of another.

About Half of the Listening
The viewers listen to a stereo recording of a story written by a blind author in the form of a conversation between two people. Each listens to half of it and then together they reconstruct the whole story by discussing with one another.

About Half of the Feeling
A person (the artist) stands behind a thin wall. His body temperature penetrates to the other side of the wall to become a human shape of warmth for viewers to feel the warmth and the existence of another being.

Since all works require the collaboration of two people, the series is called "Art for Two" or "Two Art". The title "1 1/2 2" is about 1, 1/2 and 2, which also mean 11, 22 and 11/22.

Sketch 1:

Sketch 2:

Sketch 3:

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